A brief interview with bill moyers

After watching the interview, which addressed the subject of academic freedom legislation in the statesI see why you picked Zack. He is young, articulate, and bold.

A brief interview with bill moyers

Tv journalist and author, public commentator, White Hous press secretary 1 votes so far Television journalist and author Billy Don Bill Moyers served as special assistant, speechwriter, chief of staff, and press secretary to President Lyndon B.

By the age of 15, Moyers was working as a reporter on his local paper, the Marshall News Messenger. He started college at North Texas State College, where he became class president. In he worked on Lyndon B.

He graduated from the University of Texas inthen spent a year studying church history at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, before returning to study for a bachelor of divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, which he completed in Meanwhile, he married Judith Davidson in They had three children.

In Moyers abandoned plans to pursue graduate work in American studies in order to join the campaign staff of Lyndon Johnson as a personal assistant, then a special assistant, during the Kennedy-Johnson presidential campaign. In Moyers became associate director of public affairs, in effect the chief lobbyist and public relations director of the Peace Corps, working under R.

He became deputy director of the Peace Corps in On the day that John F.

A brief interview with bill moyers

Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, Moyers was in Austin helping with the presidential trip to Texas. Moyers helped to write the Democratic party platform ofwhich had a strong commitment to civil rights. Moreover, he approved of the famous "Daisy" ad, which showed a young girl counting the petals on a daisy, then cut to a countdown to a nuclear explosion with a voiceover of Johnson speaking of the importance of peace.

The ad evoked protests from the Goldwater campaign and was aired only once. As a special assistant, Moyers acted as an adviser, as chief speech writer, as chief of staff, and from July until he resigned in Decemberas White House press secretary, where he was highly regarded by the working press.

As the Vietnam War deepened, Moyers became one of the most visible doves in the White House, and he became increasingly isolated from Johnson. He led the paper in a progressive direction and to a series of journalistic awards.

But the conservative Harry Guggenheim, who owned a controlling interest in the paper, withdrew his support of Moyers and sold out to the Times-Mirror company. Moyers left the paper in Moyers took time out to write Listening to Americabased on interviews conducted on a tour across America.

At PBS, Moyers found he had the freedom to examine and tell stories that interested him in whatever way he wanted to present them. His television work won virtually every major broadcasting award.

His series were distinguished not for innovations in form so much as for their combination of deep seriousness, earnest curiosity, attentiveness, and respect to his subjects without, however, giving up his own views. Moyers held a consistent and clear set of values that were progressive and humane, and he possessed an ability to aim his material in such a way as to be both popular and intellectually lively.

As part of his series "A Walk Through the Twentieth Century with Bill Moyers," Moyers tackled such subjects as the arms race, labor history, and the influence of television on political campaigns.I've been sent by Bill Moyers' people excerpts from his interview with Rev.

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A brief interview with bill moyers

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And With Himself. The Washington Post, January 27, Marc Fisher He is a presidential adviser without title or salary. Moyers, 80, said in a brief note posted on his Web site in September that the final show of his interview series, “Moyers & Co.,” which airs .

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