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Fraud causes loss to the victim directly or indirectly. Fraud has not been described or discussed clearly in The Indian Penal Code but sections dealing with cheating. In Contractual term as described in the Indian Contract Act, Sec 17 suggests that a fraud means and includes any of the acts by a party to a contract or with his connivance or by his agents with the intention to deceive another party or his agent or to induce him to enter in to a contract.

Article writing service dhaka stock

SEBI was constituted on 21st February,with the twin objectives of regulation and development. The present broker regulations are by and large sufficient to protect the needs of the investors.

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There are stock exchanges recognized under Securities Contract Regulation Act, which are the exclusive centres for trading of securities. Most of the stock article writing service dhaka stock in India are organized as mutuals which is considered beneficial in terms of tax benefits and matters of compliance.

The trading members, who provide broking services also own, control and manage the exchanges. The trading platform of an exchange is accessible only to brokers.

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Demutualised exchange allows free entry and exit of brokers. The broker enters into trades in exchanges either on his own account or on behalf of his clients. Brokers deal with secondary markets for the sale and purchase of securities such as stocks and bonds. Trading is done in various ways such as it may occur on a continuous auction basis; it may involve brokers buying from and selling to dealers in stock markets.

The stock exchanges differ from country to country in eligibility requirements and in the degree to which the govt. They are basically intermediaries in the secondary market and are middlemen between the investors and stock exchanges.

They reflect the deal by transferring the stock and shares. They bring funds from investors to the stock exchanges. One category of intermediaries are stock brokers and sub brokers. Securities Exchange Act, defines the term Broker as anyone, other than a bank, engaged in the business of effecting securities transactions for the account of others.

article writing service dhaka stock

Broker is an intermediary who is associated with securities market and is registered under Section 12 of the SEBI Act, Unlike other brokers, stock broker is frequently entrusted with the possession of securities and may even take and transfer them without the name of the principal appearing in the transaction.

He often pays the price in advance and then receives payment from the client. Thus, stock broker acts as a bailee as well as an agent. SEBI requires that the agreement between a stock broker and an investor is to be in writing and the agreement should be executed on stamp paper of atleast Rs.

Gopal Doss[3] it was held by the Madras HC that when an agent is authorized to negotiate and complete a sale for a specified price within a particular time, it gives him an authority to enter into a contract for sale, whether for movable or immovable property.

However, the expenses incurred by the broker for getting hold of subscribers would be borne by the share broker himself. Stock Broker Stock Broker is one who deals in stocks of monied corporations and other securities.

He for a commission attends to the purchase and sale of stocks or shares, of the Government or other securities, on behalf of and for the accounts of their clients. In India, there is no regulatory body for brokers.

article writing service dhaka stock

In secondary market, brokers and sub brokers play a vital role. However, he has to comply with all the obligations stipulated thereunder. He is also required to obtain the permission of the concerned Stock Exchange of which he is a member, so as to act as an underwriter for each and every issue.

Brokers send out regulatory newsletters to their clients giving them details of primary and secondary markets, particularly of new issues with their recommendation.

Some of them undertake Portfolio Management for their valued clients. The brokers and sub brokers are even registered with leading merchant bankers, who handle large number of public issues. A stock broker invests in the stock market for individuals or corporations.

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Only members of the stock exchange can conduct transactions, so whenever individuals or corporations want to buy or sell stocks they must go through a brokerage house. Stock brokers often advise and counsel their clients on appropriate investments.

Brokers explain the workings of the stock exchange to their clients and gather information from them about their needs and financial ability, and then determine the best investments for them. The broker then sends the order out to the floor of the securities exchange by computer or by phone.Mar 21,  · We are providing Article Writing Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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