How to write a video game code in java

Touch and Collision Game programming: JFrame, JPanel, paint method To paint something we first need a surface where to paint on.

How to write a video game code in java

Game Logic The simple video game kernel I presented earlier is a good start, but some compromises were made to make it as simple as possible. Now we're going to start adding back some of the complexity to give us more control over what we can do with it.

The first step is to make the game's ball a real object, rather than some variables within our JFrame. In simple video games, there is usually some object in the game that does most of the "thinking" with respect to the game's rules.

In a game like Pong or Breakout, the ball does most of the "thinking". The paddles move according to user input, but they don't really need to know if they've collided with anything in the game their own logic keeps them from moving off the playfield.

The bricks don't need to know anything about what's going on, they just need to hang around, then disappear when something tells them to, and perhaps return some information about what score they're worth, if there are different scores for hitting different bricks.

The ball, however, is a more active participant in the game. It needs to know about collisions, respond to the other objects in the game, and generally know what's going on.

In other words, it is the object that keeps track of most of the game rules. In a video game, this is referred to as the game logic. This simple kernel improves on the original.

Turn it into your own Pong, Breakout, or Tank clone. In the example below I've made a Ball class. This is where most of the game's logic will reside. Here it is in the ball's move method.

Since the ball will need access to inside information about the playfield and the objects on it, I've made it an inner class of the playfield's class VGKernel. As an inner class, it has access to all of VGKernel's members and methods as if it owned them itself.

This simplifies the program a lot. Here is the modified version of the video game kernel. Changes from the original have been highlighted: This means that logic in the game could vary the velocity of the ball easily, as well as change its direction of movement. Other objects on the playfield should be defined in their own classes, outside VGKernel.

This will keep VGKernel from becoming too long and from making the program too monolithic and difficult to maintain.

Since the ball has access to VGKernel's members, including the drawing screen, the ball can be made to draw itself. By giving the ball its own draw method, we can make it easier to change the appearance of the ball at will.

Give it a try. Posted by Mark Graybill at Fortunately, Java™ SE 6 provides a solution that allows the application to display the splash screen much earlier, even before the virtual machine starts. A Java application launcher is able to decode an image and display it in a simple non-decorated window.

Does Unity let you code in Java? [closed] I know of no person knowing only Java and having no access to docs that would be able to write working C# code without prior experience.

how to write a video game code in java

– vaxquis Jun 27 '16 at 4. Can Java be used for developing games for Android in Unity3D In our last lesson we're going to learn all about functions and then write one to make a very simple JavaScript guessing game. Advertisement Learn to Code Part IV: Understanding Functions and.

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